Writing a Descriptive Essay

In descriptive essay writing, a writer gives his readers a clear image of a person, object, place, emotion or event through his observation. To be able to convey the message to the readers, it is best to present a picture by imagining things like how it would appear if someone is with a certain person that he really wanted to be with and talk to or how excited he got when he received his visa for his vacation to a foreign country.

The key in descriptive essay writing is to give the readers details drawn from the five senses – sight, touch, smell, sound, and taste. The writer has to put them into words so that he could help the reader visualize his subject. It is like showing the reader around a place so he could experience the beauty of the surroundings, the freshness of the air, the calmness of the ocean or letting him experience how it is like to be in the soccer field watching his favorite soccer team during a tournament or dancing with his crush at the prom.

Creativity is very important in descriptive essay writing so the writer could catch the attention of the readers. The writer may use words to describe how far a place is, the kind of a person he just met, the texture of an object, what he felt after a long walk one Sunday afternoon or how thrilled he was when he first had his bicycle as a gift from his parents. By using descriptive words, readers may feel as if they are in the same position as of the writer.

The goal in descriptive essay writing is to discuss a specific topic to give the readers a clear idea of what he is telling them about. Concentrating on a topic is the best way in descriptive essay writing. So when the writer decides on describing a person, he just have to write the characteristics of that person and tell his readers how he finds him attractive and extraordinary. He may compare him to other people in his school, social group or community and list down the traits of that person that makes him remarkable.

There is no general rule in descriptive essay writing. The writer is free to give his opinion about the things he wants to focus on as his subject. He uses his thoughts and describes the things based on his own personal outlook, puts them into words artistically that the readers get to feel what he felt during that same situation.

Descriptive essay writing could be challenging at times. As a writer, it is somehow a requirement to be observant, be liberated in expressing thoughts and ideas in mind, compare things and make use of a lot of adjectives and adverbs so as to create an impression to the readers why he found something very interesting and make them think that his article is worth reading. The different figures of speech are also helpful in creating a portrait of the topic. Giving proper description of a certain topic helps writers in effectively writing a descriptive essay.

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