Examples of Descriptive Essay Tips

Writing a descriptive essay is a normal part of school life. Though, not everyone is a whiz when it comes to writing. Some find it hard to express their opinions and descriptions in a set of words. Brushing up on a few descriptive essay tips can improve one’s performance. Some tips to remember include visualizing one’s preferred voice in the essay, the detailed description, the purpose, and the precision of words used.

The choice of one’s preferred voice is an example of descriptive essay tips that students can use. This is the part when they decide how they want to essay to sound, or come off. As the audience reads the essay, the reader will primarily choose his own voice but it is up to the writer to set the stage. Writers who are able to use their preferred voice in their essays would more likely get his message across his audience.

Aside from voice, writers can use descriptive essay tips on detailed description and choice of words. Since this essay talks about descriptions of a particular object, idea, or experience, it would be advisable to use only fitting words that can encapsulate the idea the writer is trying to portray. The use of unnecessary adjectives must be prevented or it will only make the essay dragging and overly padded. Use only words that are easy to understand, clear and straight to the point. Descriptions are best done when writers keep a particular experience in mind. By focusing on that thought, the essay will be more direct and vivid as a descriptive one.

Descriptive Essays Writing Tips

A part of the descriptive essay tips that most educators use is the telling of purpose. It must be included in the essay as the main guide to the reader. It will be the main reason the descriptive essay is needed to shed light on the chosen topic. Having a purpose that is clear and easy to distinguish in the essay are plus points that writers should use.

Aside from the mentioned descriptive essay tips, there are more tips that students can make use of. First one, avoid using the same words over and over again. If for example, one can’t help saying about the beauty of the flower by describing it as beautiful. It would be painful to read an essay that has the word beautiful all over it. A good way to retell this idea is by saying it through another word. Having a thesaurus in close glimpse will help. However, avoid using words that sound so out-of-place with the essay. Lastly, one of the most helpful descriptive essay tips is to give an interesting introduction. This is a sure way to get the attention of the readers to finish the essay.

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