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For the benefit of the bought essay, most website shops offering the service use professionals to write. They want the essay to appear as perfect as possible so only those highly qualified will write the paper. Almost all services would also offer original content to students who want to buy descriptive essay. There is a guarantee that the works being purchased will be creative, unique, and of exceptional quality. There are other benefits to buy descriptive essay as it is delivered before the deadline and would pass the plagiarism checker.

Of course, there are also disadvantages in students who buy descriptive essay rather than write it themselves. First off, most services offering essays for sale have high rates. Since the works are instantly available upon paying, rates could go as high as $10 per page! If this isn’t heavy enough for the student budget, most would rather write then pay the fee. Other disadvantages include the students not having to learn on their own. Sometimes, their obsession to pass and get a high grade removes the main goal of the essay, which is for students to learn how to write. Once students buy descriptive essay, the opportunity to learn and use the skill in future studies would be lost. They would never develop themselves as a writer if they always buy their way out of coursework.

Students are in school primarily because of learning and socialization. Learning is the very existence of school. It aims to give students valuable skills, practice, and experience that they can use once they finish their degrees in the institution. Sadly, when this aim becomes clouded with other stuff, the purpose is defeated and the student is lost in the long-run. Students always have the last decision when it comes to their tactics in making their life better. The decision to buy descriptive essay also belong to them alone. Hopefully, when they think about what helps them in long-term, they would choose to value hard work and labor so they know how to appreciate its bright results.

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